Andy has been going to Giants games since he was very young, though his first game was somewhat of a disaster since he started crying when Jack Clark hit a home run.  Not that you can blame him, as he was only 15.  He was at the Earthquake game, Will the Thrill's single off the WIld Thing, the 1997 division clincher, Barry Bonds' 756th, the 2010 division clincher, Timmy's 14ks, Uribe's walk-off sac-fly, and finally Cliff Lee's meltdown in Game 1 of the series.  He also dropped a foul ball at his first ever game at Pac Bell Park and the entire crowd booed him. 
With 24 days left in the 2010 regular season, Andy started emailing friends and family on a daily basis to express his anguish.  He continued through the postseason and then finally listened to his wife who had been telling him for weeks, months, YEARS!, to make a blog already. 
Andy's favorite Giant is Tim Lincecum, and his favorite non-Giant is Carlos Marmol.
He apologizes not for really liking Harry Potter but for making you hear about it.

Personal Assistant
Igor has been Andy's personal assistant since 24 Days of Magic really began to take off in mid-December.   His primary responsibilities include: answering fan mail, shredding hate mail, feeding the pets, complimenting senior staff on their physical appearance, and tracking down Brian Wilson for an interview, a task at which he has thus far failed spectacularly.
"Hairy faced thrower Weezy not at home," he reported back to us the other day.  "Not in bathrooms either.  Climbed hedge.  Fell down.  Broke brain."
Igor was a journalism student at the University of California, Berkeley, but he got thrown out for having bad grades so he transferred to Stanford.
HIs favorite Giant is Brian Wilson and his least favorite Giant is Brian Wilson.  His favorite non-Giant is "Mr. Kazaam, Shaq-Attack."

Director of Special Projects
Ian joined 24 Days of Magic as Director of Special Projects early on, and is the brains behind "Interview with Eric Surkamp" and "A Day at Camp Panda."  Ian travelled to Camp Panda and broke into Pablo Sandoval's house to obtain confidential menus, journals, and exercise routine documents.  He also serves an important function as the blog's only staffer based on the East Coast, where he can monitor all the important things that happen in important cities before the rest of us schmucks in California are even awake.
Ian's favorite Giant is Buster Posey, his favorite non-Giant is Juan Uribe and his favorite Giants moment was 2010 NLCS Game 6.
Which is funny because halfway through that game he sent me a text that said, and I quote:
"F$#% this, any other hobby ideas?  Let's hike more."

Content Manager
Eric doesn't actually manage any content, but he likes titles that sound good but don't require any actual work.  When he was in 3rd grade, for instance, he says he was the only kid who wanted to be a "supervisor."  Eric joined the staff early on as well, because he liked the pay and because McCovey Chronicles refused to hire him on the grounds that in conventional blogdom, people don't get "hired."  Yeah, well, in conventional baseball, you don't win the World Series with a different cleanup hitter every night, but we all know how that turned out.
Eric's favorite Giant is Robby Thompson and his favorite Giant moment was strike 3 to Ryan Howard, though a close second was the time Livan hit a triple but lost while throwing a complete game and giving up five earned runs.
Later, look for Eric to surface as "conventional wisdom baseball man," who will argue that the key to winning is getting lots of RBI's.

Field Reporter
Seth is from Montana, which makes him a unique member of the staff.  That's right.  He is the ONLY member of the staff from Montana.  Crazy.  In his role as field reporter, Seth will be giving us the mood on the street.  "What's going on right now on the street?" we'll ask him.  And then he'll tell us and maybe send us pictures of himself hanging out with Tim Lincecum.  Speaking of which, Seth's favorite Giant is Tim Lincecum, and he once bought a phiten titanium necklace because Timmy's facebook page told him to.  His favorite non-Giant is Roy Halladay, who he says he regrets having watched pitch in person only once, a game in which, according to Seth, "Eli Whiteside hit a ball so far, his hair turned grey waiting for it to land."  His favorite Giants moment was 756.