Written by Andy | 10 June 2011

Last night, around the time the Giants failed to score a runner from 3rd with less than two outs for approximately the 7th time, I got the following text from my friend Marcus:

"Hey there.  I just sent you a picture on Twitter.  Check it out."

No, just kidding.  This is what he said:

"The Giants make me so angry sometimes.  I still don't know how this team won the world series.  How the hell did we ever score any runs?"

It gets you thinking....he has a point.

Doesn't it feel that way, like, all the time?  I mean, it felt that way last year when Huff was hitting like crazy, Posey was in the lineup, Uribe was there instead of Tejada, etc.  This year it really feels that way.  Last night's game was pretty unwatchable.

However, not as unwatchable as another game that was on TV.

See, my wife is a Red Sox fan.  She's also a wonderful, selfless, hard-working mom who works from home, takes care of two kids, runs our household, and still has time to read my blog which is why I am saying all these nice things about her.

So yesterday, despite my insistence on watching the Giants and my obsession with willing the Miami Heat to horrible defeat, I found myself watching the Red Sox - Yankees game all because my wife walked in from having vacuumed something and stated simply: "oh, the Red Sox are playing the Yankees, right?  I haven't gotten to see any of this series, what with all the stuff I've been doing and being sick."


Two minutes later, however, with Jorge Posada fouling off yet another Josh Beckett curveball, she said something else, something she probably regrets.

"This is boring."


"Oh good!" she said.  "The Giants are on."

A few innings later, she was the only person happy about this fact.  Only the Giants could start a game with two walks and a double and not score a run.  Johnny Cueto....Good Lord.

Anyway, when Sandoval comes back, this is the lineup I would send out there every night.  Yes, Bochy, even when the other team throws a left-handed pitcher.

1. Torres
2. Sanchez (who I think has a prettier wife than Cody Ross)
3. Sandoval
4. Huff/Ross
5. Huff/Ross
6. Burrell/Schierholtz or Rowand if the other two are both dead.
7. Crawford
8. (Sobs uncontrollably)
9. Pitcher

Your thoughts?
What's that?  You think the Yankees are boring too?  We should be friends.  Hold on, I'm going to send you a message on Twitter.

Why are you running away???

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Written by Andy | 07 June 2011

My baby, now 1.5 years old and still knowing only one team to have ever won a World Series, is sick.

Two nights ago, she woke up at 1 and I put her back to sleep.  That is normal.
But then she woke up at 2.  And started screaming the way I screamed whenever Todd Wellemeyer pitched last year.  And wouldn't stop.  She was awake from 2 until 6:45 when I woke up from 3 hours of sleep and put her back to sleep.

(I'm getting to the Giants here, so stop complaining and stick with me.)

So of course she wakes up at 9am which to her is like 2pm for adults.  That's some serious sleeping in.  So a nap becomes out of the question.  By 6pm she was literally rolling around on the ground making weird noises and snuggling with her blanket which is called Froggie and which you remove from her grasp at your own peril.

Six o'clock and the baby is asleep.  This is amazing!  I have the whole night to relax!  Timmy's pitching! 

I am a Giants fan, so I knew better than to give up when we trailed 4-0.  I stuck through the whole thing, mentally chest-bumped Nate Schierholtz while simultaneously dreading anytime he does well because I have to blog about it and I can never remember how to spell his name right.

In the top of the 12th, with Sergio Romo on the mound (I think), the clock struck 11pm and my baby woke up.

11:30 and she's down again, and I run into the TV room to see what's happening but it's a commercial and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD SHE'S AWAKE AGAIN.  Run back into the nursery.  Don't cry, just go to sleep.  Oh, you can't breathe because you have congestion.  That is wonderful news.  I am so happy about that.

Finally asleep again.  Run back to TV room.

Oh good, Miguel Tejada didn't hit into a soul crushing double-play a la Pablo Sandoval 2010.  Freddy's up.  WALK-OFF!  WALK-OFF!  We Won!  We Wohmygodshesawakeagain.

I didn't get much sleep last night.  I might be a little delirious.  But I think the Giants won last night after trailing 4-1 in the 8th inning of a game in which our lineup featured two hitters worse than Eli Whiteside.

Magic inside. 


Some notes:

Did anyone else see that pitch Brian Wilson threw the other day?  It was a fastball, I guess, but it moved like a breaking ball and it was 92mph.  Some Rockie with a stupid name missed it by about 10 feet.  I've never seen a pitch that good ever.

It's not a good sign when you can remember every home run a hitter has ever hit, but I'm pretty sure I can remember all of Eli Whiteside's homeruns.  This year against the Nats in DC.  Last year he hit one off Roy Halladay that went about 580 feet.  And the year before that he hit a grand slam in Houston.  That's it, right?  Am I missing one?

A Love Song for "Love Song" (the best nickname I've heard yet for Ryan Vogelsong)

Watching you pitch is like eating cheetos
and wiping the orange dust on Mat Latos' face
You're so much better than Zito

The End

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Written by Andy | 03 June 2011

There was a lot of fun stuff in the Giants game yesterday, starting with the Cardinals (who I detest) throwing out two guys who have never pitched a big league game before and watching them both get blown up.  Ok, starting with Aubrey Huff hitting THREE home runs in one game.  And the bullpen holding the lead.  Sort of.  And we won.  It was a good day.

But idiocy beyond my control has forced me to talk instead about Giants General Manager Brian Sabean.

Speaking yesterday about Marlin Scott Cousins, the man who ended Buster Posey's season, Sabean said:

"If you listen to the kid's comments after the fact, he pretty much decided and it was premeditated that if he got a chance, he was going to blow up the catcher to dislodge the ball. And if you watch frame by frame from different angles, he does not take the path to the plate to try to score. He goes after Buster, right shoulder on right shoulder, and to me, that's malicious....If I never hear from Cousins again or he never plays another game in the big leagues, I think we'll all be happy."

Here are the facts, as I see them.

1. Baseball has a stupid rule that allows defensively catchers to be attacked by players running full speed at them.

2. Scott Cousins made a legal hit on Buster Posey because he felt it was the best way for him to score the go-ahead run.  I don't think ANYBODY has suggested that Cousins was trying to intentionally hurt Buster Posey...oh wait, I guess Brian Sabean just did.  Anybody with a brain, I mean.  And there's a reason why nobody is suggesting that...

3. Immediately after the play Cousins knelt at Posey's side and tried to see if he was ok.

4. After the game, Cousins tried repeatedly to contact Posey to apologize and express his regret at the end result of the play.

What Brian Sabean is saying is that he doesn't care about genuine remorse.  He doesn't care about rules.  And he doesn't care that if a player as marginal as Scott Cousins on the Giants failed to take out a catcher and instead got tagged out in the 12th inning of a tie game, he'd be on the bus back to Fresno as fast as you can say "Miguel Tejada." 

What Brian Sabean cares about is petty provincialism.  In his mind, he's protecting his own.  But it's a weak message and a stance devoid of both factual support and moral standing. 

I suppose there's an argument to be made that what Cousins did was neglectful or reckless.  That one shouldn't risk the health of another person simply to win a baseaball game or even secure your own economic future.  I'm sure Scott Cousins thinks about that a lot these days.  That alone makes him a better human being than Pete Rose, who ended Ray Fosse's career in a game far less important than the one Cousins and Posey were involved in.

But malicious?  That's absurd, and Brian Sabean should be ashamed for suggesting it.  His not-so-veiled threats about what would happen the next time the Giants saw Cousins were almost as disturbing.  Football, which is a far more rougher sport, has no such stone-age code.  A linebacker crushes a receiver going over the middle on a clean hit and sends him to the locker room with a concussion or worse all the time.  The other team doesn't then attack the linebacker.  They don't try to fight them.  It's part of the game. 

Should it be?  No.  Baseball should absolutely change the rules to protect catchers and as a Giants fan, I'm pissed that Buster Posey had to be the guy to go down so everyone could figure that out.  But if Brian Sabean wants to be pissed at somebody, he should try being pissed at Bud Selig and not Scott Cousins.  Of course, Brian Sabean doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who blames the system when he could blame the product of that system.  In other words, he doesn't strike me as much of a deep thinker.

Brian Sabean once proclaimed:  "I am not an idiot."

I respectfully disagree.

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Written by Andy | 02 June 2011

You know that Giants shortstop who gets all the hits?  No, not him.  The one who gets the hits.  Right.  The young guy.  I interviewed him once.

I really did.  It went like this.

24D:  Brandon Crawford, thanks for your time.
BC:  No problem.  Your blog is probably the best one out there, maybe a tie with Snow Woulda Had It.
24D:  Thanks.  I'm interviewing you because everything I touch turns to gold (see Surkamp, Eric) and the Giants desperately need a good shortstop.
BC:  So you're saying I'm going to become really good because of you?
24D:  I'm saying I have the magic....AND YOU WILL HIT A GRANDSLAM AND WIN THE GIANTS A GAME AFTER THE BOY WHO LIVED IS ATTACKED BY THE EVIL MARLIN AND THEN YOU WILL GET A LOT OF OTHER HITS TOO AND YOU WILL FULFILL THE PROPHECY AND CHANGE YOUR NAME TO BUSTER OR NEVILLE...and, uh, woah, weird, I think I just blacked out.  What was I saying?  Oh right, that I make baseball players good by interviewing them.
BC:  Um.  Works for me.

You're welcome, Giants fans.  You can repay me by joining my crusade of ignoring the Diamondbacks.  Did they play today?  Don't tell me.  I don't care.

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Written by Andy | 01 June 2011

My dad keeps telling me to pay attention to the Diamondbacks.
I refuse.

Look, I'm as worried as anybody about the Giants.  Last night's loss was brutal; blowing multiple-run leads in the 8th inning is just not something we can afford.  The Sandoval injury was a huge blow and the Posey injury is completely brutal.  The Casilla injury is even tough to handle.  And we still don't have the security of knowing that Barry Zito will pitch every fifth day.  Maybe "security" is the wrong word. 

But the good news is the division is really pretty bad.  The Padres are as bad as you'd expect a team to be when they smoke-and-mirrors their way to almost winning a division with a terrible offense and then lose their best hitter.  The Dodgers are as bad as you'd expect a team to be that is coached by Don Mattingly and has Jonathan Broxton as their closer.  And the Rockies are falling apart and may be the only team in baseball other than the Giants and Cardinals to lose a key player for the entire season due to injury.

So that leaves the suddenly resurgent Diamondbacks.  But I'm not impressed.

Do they have some good young starting pitching?  Yes.
Is it as good as ours?  Not even close.
Do they have some good hitters?  Yes.  A few.
Do they have a good bullpen?  No.

Look at their roster last year and this year and tell me you see them going last-to-first. 

Look at our schedule, both in terms of competition and home-road and tell me you don't feel better.

No, I'm not scoreboard watching the Diamondbacks.  In fact, I'm going farther than that.  I'm going to un-scoreboard watch the Diamondbacks.  Yahoo has a tool where you can label a team as "my team" and it shows their scores all the time, I guess even if the Jets or Heat has played that day thus otherwise negating the existence of all other teams.  Well, I'm going to label 28 teams as "my team" and leave out only the Dbacks and whoever they play.


It's time to go young, and not because we're giving up on the season. 

This is the lineup I would put out there every day once Sandoval comes back.

1. Torres CF
2. Sanchez 2B
3. Sandoval 3B
4. Ross RF
5. Huff 1B
6. Belt LF
7. Crawford SS
8. Whiteside C

I still believe Huff will turn it around.  But when I saw Crawford sitting the day after his grand slam, I admit I had some negative thoughts about our fearless leader and his enormous head.  And when it sounded like Brandon Belt might have a broken wrist for a minute there last night, I admit I almost crashed into the Yankees fans in the car in front of me on 880. 

Bartolo Colon.
Life is not fair.

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Written by Andy | 27 May 2011

Oh, just another boring Friday night in my house.  Baby's asleep.  Might as well re-post that interview I did with Giants minor league shorstop Brandon Crawford.  Maybe one day somebody will care...

Michael Brown, this 8-clap is for you.

Our Interview With Brandon Crawford

Brandon Crawford is a Giants fan, and not just because he was ranked as their 6th rated minor league prospect at a time when Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner were #1 and #2.  Brandon Crawford is a Giants fan because he grew up a Giants fan.  His Dodger-hating credentials are legit.  And he was nice enough to let us ask him a bunch of questions (and only 10% of the questions were about Eric Surkamp!)

Brandon has been playing shortstop for the Giants in spring training, and Jon Miller talked about him on the radio the other day, saying his glove has been "major league ready" for some time now.  I think we all want to see Brandon make it big FAST, i.e. before Sabean is tempted to sign Miguel Tejada to a 7-year deal that covers him until he's able to order off the senior menu at Denny's. 

Brandon was extremely generous with his time and was a great interview.  The only downside is that after his last comment, he may never get to hang out with Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, OJ Mayo, OJ Simpson....you get the idea. 

Thanks Brandon!

You grew up in the Bay Area.  Were you a Giants fan?  If so, how exciting was it to get drafted by your favorite team?

I've been a Giants fan my whole life. My dad has had season tickets since before I was even born. It was very exciting getting drafted by them. I couldn't have asked for a better organization to go to, and it was always my dream to play for them someday.

If you'd been drafted by the Dodgers, then, I assume you would have immediately quit baseball and taken up a new profession?  So for those who aren't familiar with your game....you're a shortstop.  Is there a major league shortstop with a similar type of skillset we can compare you to?

Haha Yes, of course. Can't wear that blue.
It's hard for me to compare myself to somebody who's been playing in the big leagues for years. I'd say I'm a defensive shortstop with the ability to eventually hit for average and drive some balls. I've heard comparisons to Stephen Drew and J.J. Hardy in the past. It's humbling for me to be compared to any everyday starting big league shortstop.
You played in Richmond for the last 80 games or so last year.  What was the jump to AA ball like?  And where are you slated to start the season this year?

I actually started the season in Richmond and got hurt about 80 games in. I made the jump from high A San Jose to AA Connecticut in '09. The biggest difference I saw was the pitching. The pitchers in AA really know how to put the ball where they want it with any of there pitches at almost any time. It was the first time I really noticed a lot of movement on fastballs (2-seams and cutters). The Eastern League is definitely a tough hitters league.
I'm not sure where they plan on starting me this year. Hopefully Spring Training goes well and I guess we'll see after that.
Do you have any goals for yourself for the season, either statistical or in terms of what level of play you end up at?
It's hard to concentrate on playing when you get too caught up in exact numbers you want to put up during the season. I want to improve my plate discipline and staying with a consistent approach and swing, and, if I do that, the numbers will be there in the end. Obviously, I just want to be ready to perform at my best at whatever level I'm assigned to throughout the year.
What is life in the minor leagues like?  What's the best and worst part of it?
Busy. You're at the park or in a bus almost all season. For a 7pm game, position players are typically there around 2 and don't leave the stadium until about 11. All the traveling is done by bus from double-A down to rookie ball. Last year in Richmond, our shortest ride was 2 hours to Bowie, Maryland, longest was about 12 hours to Portland, Maine, and had pretty much everything in between. I think the worst part is having to be cramped in those buses for such long periods of time. The best part, for me, is being able to see so much of the country. I also love being able to sleep in for those 7pm games.
So, how good were you in little league?  Did you dominate?
I was good, but definitely did not dominate. I always made the all star team, but wasn't one of the studs on the team. I was always pretty average in height and size, and it seems like the bigger kids dominate in little league. I hit my first home run over an actual fence when I was 11. I played some short, but I actually pitched and caught a lot when I was young. I think my first little league card had me listed as a catcher.
Alright, so walk us through your experience watching the 2010 World Champions.  When was your "oh wow they could actually do this" moment.  When was your "oh crap, they're going to blow this damn it" moment.  Did you go to the games?  Watch on TV?
It was awesome. Seeing guys I've played with playing on a stage like that was very cool. When they made that run during August and September, I really thought they had a chance. Once they made the playoffs, with that pitching staff, I thought they could actually be a favorite to win. I went to game 2 in San Francisco and watched the rest on TV. It was great to see SF so excited about the team and the stadium going so crazy.
Let's say you get called up this year.  Who do you want as your roommate on the road?
Haha Never thought about it, funny question. I guess I'd go with Buster or Bum because I played with them for most of 2009 and they're a couple of my better friends on the team. No offense to anyone else...haha I guess Freddy would be a good one to room with too. We could build our up-the-middle/ double play chemistry.
My next question was going to be different but now that I found out you're friends with Buster Posey, I have to ask you:  We all think he's perfect.  Like a Jesus figure almost.  He's gotta have a weakness, right?  Does he suck at cards or something?
Umm...nope pretty much perfect
Alright, last question.  Well, three, actually.  First, my UCLA fan friend wants to know your take on the most obnoxious USC athlete of the past decade.  As for Giants stuff, we have an Eric Surkamp fan club on our website because he was the first person to do an interview with us and we like him.  Would you be willing to join it?  And, if Eric Surkamp faced nobody but you all season, what would his ERA be?
Surkamp........Sure, I'll join the Surkamp fan club. We played together in the Cape Cod league in college so we've known each other for about 4 years now. I think I faced him our freshman year at college, but I don't remember what I did. It's been awhile since then though so I don't know how I'd do.
USC question.........Aren't they all?

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Written by Andy | 27 May 2011

Maybe I am exaggerating when I say Diamondback blogger Jim McLennan is the worst person in the world.  Ghaddafi is bad.  So is Khadafi.  And Quaddafi.  Oh, they're all the same person?  That's weird.

Well, then again, maybe I'm not exaggerating.

Read this, and then vomit, and then come back to me and I'll finish the post.

You back?


Let's summarize Mr. Jim's world view:

1. Injuries are bad, I guess.
2. I hate the Giants and I'm glad their best player got injured.
3. Now we have a chance to dethrone them!
4. And it's all fair because Giants fans weren't exactly bummed when Brandon Webb was injured two years in a row.

Let's take these "points" in reverse order.

4. True, I wouldn't say we were bummed.  He had elbow problems.  He didn't get his leg snapped in a horrible freakish collision.  And we also didn't write articles about how when Brandon Webb got hurt, we "gave a little fist bump."  First, because that's just obnoxious.  Second, because we don't care about your crappy team and its crappy players.  And third because we don't "give little fist bumps."  You're an idiot.

3. No you don't.  You might be in 2nd place right now because the rest of the division is so awful, but I'd love to hear why your team is going to compete for a division title a year after finishing over 20 games out when your offseason consisted mostly of signing a guy named "Putz."  That's what makes this all the more obnoxious...if it came from a Phillies fan, I'd at least respect that the Phillies view us as a legitimate rival for the World Series and they now see their path as being clear.  But this is like Clippers fans cheering an injury to Kobe Bryant, but only if you replaced an accused rapist and confirmed ego-maniac with the classiest professional athlete in America.  You're an idiot.

2. Does this even require a response?  What kind of person roots for an injury, especially one as painful as that?  I hate the Heat, but I don't want LeBron to get injured.  I want him to lose.  I hate Mat Latos, but I don't want him to be on the DL, I want him to pitch and suck.  Then he has no excuse for his failures.  But don't take it from me.  Take it from DBack fans who commented on this article:

Yeah, I may despise the Giants, but I can’t sit back and smile at the injury misfortune of others. It’s not in my heart to be that way nor will it ever be. My heart goes out to the injured rather than turning my back on them. That is and always will be the caring side of me though.

As much as I hate the Giants, I can’t in any way be happy about a young player’s injury in his first full year. I think having these all-pro young guns in the game is great for baseball as a whole. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first batch of players I can really “grow up with” or what, but watching Posey claw at the dirt due to the incredible pain he was suffering makes it just about impossible to feel an ounce of happiness. Just my two cents.

It's not all about numbers. It’s not all about the Giants losing 4.5 WAR or whatever. It’s about a kid breaking his leg and being in severe pain. You can’t separate such things. If we were in the same division as the Angels, would you have celebrated when Nick Adenhart was hit by the drunk driver?

So there you have it from your own readers.  You're an idiot.

1. Sure you do.  You're an idiot.

And don't get me started on the Diamondbacks.  I refuse to hear about "sports pain" and how we "whine about torture" (from the comments section) from a fan base that won a championship in its 4th season.  Be grateful for your freakish World Series win.  Be grateful that nobody is mad at you about it because you beat the Yankees.  Be grateful that you even exist.

Now go away and leave us in our misery.

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Written by Andy | 26 May 2011

I'm sure at some point soon I'll be able to write something about the Giants again.

Right now, I really don't have much to say except that I'm going to be taking up some other hobbies for a while.

This hurts.  Buster Posey is our leader, our best player, and the face of our team, maybe along with Brian Wilson, but let's be honest, if we had to pick a public face....

He's also our best hitter and we don't do a lot of hitting.

And he's out, it appears, for the rest of the season.

Make no mistake, I still think the Giants can win the NL West.  The Rockies just suffered a season-ending injury to their best pitcher, and they have about as much pitching as we have hitting.  The Dodgers are a train wreck.  The Padres and Diamondbacks are not factors whatsoever.

But right now, it just hurts.  I don't want to think about it.

We love you Buster.  Get well soon.

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Written by Andy | 23 May 2011

Imagine you're having a tough life.  Your wife left you, you got fired from your job because your office-nemesis planted cocaine in your rolodex, and you got evicted from your home because the government decided to use eminent domain to seize it so they could build a new stadium for the local Professional Lacrosse team.

And then one day you wake up and you win the lottery.

Amazing!  The Gods knew you were owed, so they gave you your due.

But then the next day, you meet a woman who is even cooler than your wife and better looking and she doesn't know you won the lottery and she loves you for you.  And you get a new, better job, not that you need it.  And a new mansion with a chocolate milk fountain. 

You thought the lottery was your just due.  But actually you had more coming to you.

Welcome to the 2011 San Francisco Giants, who continue to prove that one world championship does not, apparently, equal 56 years of torture and misery.  Which is funny, because we were all in a forgiving mood, I think.  If the Baseball Gods said: "alright, no more championships for you for a while," I think we'd all be dissapointed but we wouldn't be crushed.  We will always have 2010.  It can never be taken away from us (unlike John Calipari's many Final Fours). 

But as we win walk-off after walk-off, as we win now our 11th one-run home game of the year in just our 18th home game, I have to think the Gods are still paying us back.  They raided our ATM for half a century, then stuck a million bucks back in and said "ok, we're even."  To which we replied:

"Don't forget the interest."

Imagine how good this team would be if Pablo Sandoval wasn't hurt.  If Aubrey Huff wasn't batting .220.  If Buster Posey hadn't started so slow.  If Cody Ross hadn't started so slow.  If Miguel Tejada did not exist.  If Santiago Casilla wasn't hurt.  West crown?  Psshaw.  We'd be on pace to win 175 games. 

I really can't understand how managing the Giants bullpen could be difficult.  Here's how it should work.

Question:  Should we bring in this pitcher?
Follow-Up:  Is his name Wilson, Romo, Lopez, or Ramirez?
Answer to Follow-Up:  No
Answer to Question:  No

This is partly why I can't wait for Casilla to return.  Mota's been ok, but Runzler has not.  He needs to go.  And then Affeldt could just come in when we're up or down by 10 runs, and I'm not just saying that because his secretary never got back to me after promising me she could get me an interview with him to talk about all his humanitarian work and maybe his curveball.

Which leads me to this question:

If the Rapture HAD happened this past Saturday, how would it have impacted the Giants?

I think we would have lost our starting catcher, a couple starting pitchers, half our bullpen, and maybe our center fielder.  Pretty sure we wouldn't lose Burrell.  Wilson?

Only (the) God(s) know the answer to that one.

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Written by Andy | 20 May 2011

I am amazing.

Wednesday night, I saw the Giants were winning 5-2 in the 8th and decided it was a good time for me to do something else.  When I tuned back in, Brian Wilson was finishing off the 9th inning of an 8-5 win.  What happened in between?  Who knows!  I wasn't there!  Lalalalalalala.

Last night, I saw the Giants were winning 3-0 entering the 9th and I remembered I had to go brush my teeth.  All of them.  In order.  Molars first.  Or last.  Or  bicuspids first.  I can't remember.  When I came back, I saw that the Giants had won 3-1.  How?  Did Nate Schieholtz do something?  Oh he caught a routine fly ball?  Awesome.  Lalalalalala. 

The terrorists on "24" should hire me.  I can't be tortured.  I am a torture dodging machine.

A 3-3 road trip...I'll take it, though we really should have been 5-1.

And Jason Giambi hit 3 home runs in one game?  I didn't see that either.  I was counting my socks.  I have a lot, but you never know when your wife might start stealing them as part of some sort of gender-based control maneuver.  Gotta be vigilant.  So I missed watching Jason Giambi's roid party.  Too bad.

Did I just commit libel there?  Or slander?  I need to ask my lawyer.  The only thing worse than being sued by Jason Giambi would be Jason Giambi showing up at my front door and asking "for a word" with me.  I may talk tough, but he would totally kick my ass.

Now the good news:

I got this via email yesterday;

Dear Andy,
The following information is for a press invite to an event taking place next week - on Tuesday, May 24th. Please contact us if you wish to be added to the press list for that day.
* Interview time with Hensley Meulens will take place at 12:30 p.m., after his public presentation.
A Special Giants Appearance
with Hensley "Bam-Bam" Meulens At Science of Baseball
(As part of the Self-Guided Tour exhibit "The Science of Baseball")
Tuesday, May 24, 2011, at 11:30 a.m.
On the Stage in the Exploratorium's Skylight Area
San Francisco Giants Hitting Coach Hensley "Bam-Bam" Meulens will join the Exploratorium’s resident science of baseball experts David Barker and Dr. Linda Shore on May 24 at 11:30 a.m. for demos, discussion and a Q&A. Ever wonder why a curveball curves, or what’s inside of a baseball? Find out at this Exploratorium's Science of Baseball special event and then take the self-guided tour, map of the exhibits is available at the entrance to the Exploratorium from now through September 5. 
These events are included in the price of admission.
Meulens is no ordinary player and coach.  He is fluent in five languages.  He is the first major league player from his home, the island of Curaco.
*And he is planning to go into space in 2014, courtesy of Space Expedition Curacao!
For more on the Exploratorium's Science of Baseball exhibit, go here.
If you would like to cover this event, and get an interview with Hensley Meulens - please send an email back - or call XXXXXXXX at (510) XXX-XXXX.

We will be sending staff member Seth to cover the event, and yes, this marks the first time that 24 Days of Magic has been granted press privileges by the Giants.  I think it's a short walk from the Exploratoreum to the clubhouse at AT&T.  Let me know if there's something you want me to ask Tim Lincecum before his next start.

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