Yesterday I was working late, and got a call indicating I would have to work even later.  I called my wife.

"Oh yeah, that's fine," she said.  "At least I know you're not lying and having an affair with Amy G. because I can see her on tv."
"Oh, right, the Giants are playing."
"You're going to miss Eric Surkamp pitch," she pointed out.
"That's ok," I replied.  "I'll see his next start."

Yeah, no big deal.  Just another start by Eric Surkamp, starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.  Yawn.  Did he start again?  Did he have another quality start?  No?  Well, I mean, almost.  He was one out short of it.  And the bullpen gave up the last two runs.  I thought that Edlefsen guy was going to be better that that.  I even thought he would have a role in our bullpen next year.  Thanks a lot, you big Swedish goober.  Wait, where was I.  Oh right.  Just another good major league start for Eric Surkamp.  Just another win. 

And just another mention by Buster Olney:

"Surkamp has settled in quickly, pitching well, and this is part of the reason why the Giants are intrigued by Surkamp -- they like his presence, his demeanor, and the improvement he has shown with his command since they drafted him. There will be discussion this winter about what to do with Barry Zito, and Jonathan Sanchez, whose salary will continue to climb through arbitration. It's possible that the Giants will go into next season with these four names penciled into their rotation: Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner -- and Eric Surkamp."

God, Buster Olney/ESPN.  Will you ever stop talking about Eric Surkamp?  I mean, really, it's embarrassing.  Talk about something else for once, like the Phillies.  They are interesting in a not-that-interesting sort of way.

Oh, and the Giants scored 8 runs.  In one game.  For the second game in a row.  At home.  Where was that in August??