The Giants were on TV last night, live.  It was exciting.  I dragged my baby into the room to watch with me and pointed at the TV and said "Giants!"  She smiled, which I took to mean she understood, although she might have smiled because I said "Giants!" with the excitement in my voice usually reserved for castaways who have found land.  Still, I felt she understood what I was saying.  She's only been alive for one World Series, and the Giants won it, so there's a special bond there.  "Giants!"  Another smile.  Could I push my luck?  "Giants!  Pat Burrell!  Giants!"  More smiles.  She seems to understand.  "Cody Ross!  He used to be a rodeo clown.  He hit two homeruns off Roy Halladay in one at-bat!  Hey come back!"

Actually, she walked off and, in what may have been the greatest moment of my life that didn't involve Brian Wilson striking somebody out, she picked up a baseball and "threw" it to me.  It was like a 48-hopper, but still. 

My impressions from watching the Giants live for the first time this season:

-Pablo Sandoval looks like a completely different person.  His body transformation is remarkable.  I want to know where the rest of him is.
-I called my wife into the room to watch Brandon Belt hit and we had the following conversation: 
"But my back hurts and I'm lying on my heating pad."
"I know, but it's Brandon Belt."
"The baby's going to see me and I won't be able to get back to my couch and read without her wanting to follow me...she's being clingy today."
"Brandon Belt."
And then he struck out on 3 pitches.  Thanks, Brandon.
-Please give Pat Burrell a headset and let him narrate every Giants game.  I would pay to watch that. 
-I watched the following things happen in a span of like 10 minutes:  Jonathan Sanchez throw a ball so low that it almost embedded itself in the dirt.  Pablo Sandoval swung at a pitch below his ankles and grounded into a double play.  No, people!  No!  Bad!  
-Beating Texas is fun.

I could get used to this Giants on TV thing.