One game.  And it's already torture.

Good:  Timmy.  He hit 95 on his fastball, pitched out of trouble, gave up cheap hits, didn't walk very many batters, and had several low-pitch-count innings.
Bad:  Casilla.  STOP HANGING BREAKING BALLS!!  Flashbacks to Placido Polanco in Game 4!  AHHHH!
Ugly:  Giving up the go ahead run on a stupid error.  Taking torture to new levels.

Good:  Brandon Belt.  What a debut.  The kid has an almost Barry Bonds-esque batting eye, battled two good pitchers all night and looked great in the field.
Bad:  Andres Torres.  Aaron Rowand could have done that.
Ugly:  Miguel Tejada.  If you read this blog, my hatred of that signing is going to become a common theme.  He looked awful at the plate, and made a key error that cost us the game.  Brandon Crawford would have turned two on that grounder for about $6 million less.

Good:  Panda in the field.  He was like a cat out there, making diving catches.  Not like a panda.  And that's good.
Bad:  The Wild Kingdom Defense in the outfield.  Burrell and Huff in the same outfield?  Scary.
Ugly:  Panda at the plate.  He looked almost worse than last year.  This might have been the most troubling aspect of the whole night.

Good:  Burrell owns Jonathan Broxton.  Let's put that in our back pocket and take it out in, say September.
Bad:  Clayton Kershaw owns the rest of our lineup.
Ugly:  Jonathan Broxton.  He is just an ugly man.

If we play 161 more games like this, I'm going back to spending my nights reading books and watching The Office. 

Except when Brandon Belt is up...