Watching the Giants has been more fun in the past than it is now. 

Yesterday, I decided to stop watching, and they had a big fight.  Ok.  So if we ever play the Phillies in kickboxing, we might win.  That's good.


It's a cycle.

Step 1:  Giants suck
Step 2:  I stop watching
Step 3:  Something interesting happens
Step 4:  I watch again
Step 5: Something bad happens
Step 6: I am tortured.

Not fun.

Let's put this, well, phase, in perspective.  Every team has a bad stretch.  The Giants' bad stretch coincided with playing two teams on a mission (Reds, battling to do well before deadline to avoid selling off players and Diamondbacks, fighting for first place) and the best team in baseball, record-wise.  It happens.

Since the Giants traded for Carlos Beltran, Carlos Beltran has been an offensive force, Pablo Sandoval has hit almost .400, Cody Ross and Aubrey Huff have shown signs of life, and Jeff Keppinger has been a consistence bat in the 2-hole.  But we can't score runs.  It happens.

We have 4 starting pitchers throwing well right now, and one who just came off the DL and needs a little time to get it back.  Our bullpen has had a couple rough outings but the key guys are still dealing.

And Sergio Romo is the best pitcher in baseball history.

And we still can't win.

The good news is, we're not fighting it out with the 1927 Yankees for first place.  It's the Diamondbacks.  Are they better than I thought?  Yeah, I guess.  Are they good?  They're ok.  And if we play like this all year they will be NL West champions.  If we play like this all year, we'll finish below .500.  Let's not panic, here, people.

But, that said, I don't feel real good right now about basing our success on our own ability to win baseball games.  Which means we need to base it on other team's ability to lose baseball games.  The Padres, Dodgers, and Rockies have already taken themselves out of the race, which is nice.  So what we need right now is a 10-game losing streak by the DBags.

They're at 2.  Eight more to go.  Let's go....um....who are they playing?  Oh crap.  Um.  Let's go...um...I can't do that.  Sorry.