We went 4-6 on this road trip.  Allegedly.

Doesn't it feel like we went 3-76?

For all those out there doubting or hating or both.  For the eternally optimistic-to-the-point-of-making-you-want-to-punch-somebody Dbag announcers.  For the East Coast Media (that's fun to throw out there...).   This recap is for you.

On this road trip, the Giants put two outfielders and their best two relievers on the DL.
Pablo Sandoval missed 2 games with injuries and batted twice left handed against left handed relievers because of injuries.
Jeff Keppinger missed four games.
Nate Schierholtz missed one.
Jonathan Sanchez missed two starts and the end result of the two missed starts was a combined 18 innings of bullpen work in two games.
We lost two games in walk-off fashion and lost two other games by 1-run.  We also lost a game by two runs.
We played in hot weather for 7 of the 10 game.
We lost games started by Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum and lost twice when Bumgarner pitched.

The end result?

We came home one half of a game farther out of first than when we left.

And now we come home for 18 of the next 21 games.  Granted, our last homestand was not what you would call a success.  Not unless your definition of success is epic failure.  But still....and Romo is coming back on Tuesday.  Beltran is coming back some time this year.  And come September the 1st, we will get some much needed help.

Allow me to share an inspirational story with you.

After the top of the 9th, when the Giants left the bases loaded yet again, I decided that I needed to put my baby down for her nap.  Now, normally leaving a Giants game in the bottom of the 9th is not something I would do.  The circumstances that led to this were extraordinary:

1. My wife wasn't feeling well and she'd already put the baby down for one nap today, the second nap being necessitated by the baby not feeling well either.
2. I couldn't $#$#%(*# watch one more inning of Giants baseball without becoming ill.

"Ok," I told my wife.  "If we get out of the 9th inning and they don't score, please just slip a piece of paper under the door of the nursery so I'll know."

I read my baby a book.  Red Fish, Blue Fish.  The Giants version of this book, by the way:

Here and there, this and that,
No Giant hitter can swing a bat
Except the one who once was fat

Anyway, I read her a book.  I wrapped her up in her blanket.  I walked her for what seemed like forever.  Her eyes finally closed.  I tried to put her down.  She popped back up and started crying.  I picked her up. 

I had long since given up on the Giants.

Her eyes closed again.  She drifted off to sleep.

A piece of paper floated under the door and came to a rest softly on the ground.

If the Giants win the division by one game.
If they go on to win the World Series.

That piece of paper is going in my baby's scrapbook.