Well....that was a big win.  Really needed it.

Mark DeRosa!  Wow!  Did anyone else think he missed 3rd base?  Oh well, water under the bridge.

So what should we talk about?

Oh right.  Eric Surkamp!!!

I can't describe how I feel right now about Eric Surkamp's performance right now, so I really don't think Eric Surkamp can describe how Eric Surkamp feels.  What do you think was going through his mind when he jumped the railling to celebrate the walk-off.  I have an idea...

#1:  I didn't screw up!  Thank god.
#2:  Not only did I not screw up, I pitched really, really well. 
#3:  And we won!
#4:  I belong.

Yes, you do.  And tonight you learned the hard way what it's like to pitch for the Giants.  Not a lot of run support.  Run support isn't really our thing. 

But you also learned the good way how great Giants fans are.  When Surkamp's first two pitches were balls, the second one very wild, the fans started clapping.  If you didn't pay close enough attention you might have missed it, but it was unmistakable.  The fans were supporting him at a time when many fans of many teams wouldn't have even made it to their seats.  Remember when Jason Giambi signed with the Yankees and went 0 for his first 9 or something and the fans booed him?  After 9 atbats?

We're different.  We're better.

The fans, I mean.  Not the hitters.