I'm imagining Eric's day is going to go something like this.....

9am: Wake up.  Check Fan Club to see if Buster Posey has joined yet.  Damn.  Maybe his internet connection is bad?  Mental note to tell him about Xfinity from Comcast.

10am:  Eat Breakfast

10:05am:  Throw up breakfast.

11am:  Go over signs....let's see, 1 is fastball, 2 is curveball, 3 is slider, 4 is throw at Victorino, 5 is pick-off...small print...."throw soft to Huff, he is old"....ok, got it.

Noon:  Consider eating lunch.  Not even worth it.

1pm:  Interviews with major media outlets.  Oh sure, they love you know, Eric.  But you know who really loves you, from way back before you made it big damnit why can't I make this very simple point without sounding completely creepy??!!?  Must work on that. 

2pm:  Batting practice.  Wait, I'm playing short?  I thought I was pitching?

3pm:  Cable car ride!  Weeeeeee!  

3:05pm:  I want to throw up again, but there is nothing to throw up.

4pm:  Buddhist meditation

5pm:  Holy shit.

5:40pm:  Holy SHIT!

5:59pm:  I should have been an accountant...

Good luck, Eric.

Your Fan Club

p.s. Aaron Rowand sent you this note:

"Eric, what if the curveball looks like a fastball, though?  How do I keep myself from swinging??