A lot of things culminated on Tuesday, most notably the Giants' incredible run of bad injury luck and my immense hatred of both the Phillies and Dbags.
It got me thinking...

Did we do something to deserve this kind of wrath from the Baseball Gods?

I tried to ponder on this, but I kept hearing other voices in my head.

"They need to bench Huff!"
"Make Romo the closer!"
"Bochy is an idiot!"
"The Diamondbacks have all the destiny on their side this year, we're done."
"Funny bunny?"

Oh sorry, that last one was my toddler who finds organic whole wheat bunny-shaped crackers to be the coolest thing she has seen since she went on the highway and yelled "car!" so loud I almost crashed. 

The other comments, however, from the "let's panic" wing of the Giantcratic party, are starting to get on my nerves.  Not because they are dumb comments, but because I need to have some quiet so I can think.

Everyone shut up!

Ok, let's see.  Why would the Baseball Gods be doing this to us?

Steroids and Bonds?  No, we already paid for that with Ryan Garko.

All the fair-weather wine and cheese fans at Giants games?  Please.  They're few and far between now and I've watched a ton of baseball this year and we definitely have the loudest fans in the big leagues.

Were we not supposed to win last year?  Did we somehow cheat destiny?  No.  We were meant to win.  God created Brooks Conrad for a reason.

Was it something we said?


I think I know what it is...

We are not meant to be a dynasty of domination.  If we are to repeat and build on last year's title, we need to do it the way we won our first title in the first place...torture.  Otherwise, we might as well be the Yankees.  We're not the Yankees, we're the Giants.  We won a World Series last year with a team that managed to lose two games during the regular season in which their opponents got a total of 1 hit.

Imagine a lineup with Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez and Carlos Beltran and a healthy Pablo and Nate and the rest of them.  With out pitching staff?  We'd be 15 games in front....and what would be the fun in that?

No, it's gut check time, and it's torture time, and if you're a Giants fan you'd better be ready to embrace both because the alternative is you admit you're soft and you can't handle anything less than a World Championship.  Hello!?  What about 1958-2009?  Were you a fan then?

So torture, yes, it will be torture.  But I don't even think we're in a bad position.  Our schedule is very easy, our injuries are starting to resolve (yes, I really mean that), and the Diamondbacks are going to hit a bad patch at some point.  Believe it.

That said, just because the whole season is torture doesn't mean EVERY SINGLE GAME has to be torture.  We could have won 7-1 tonight...that would have been ok.  So Orlando Cabrera, I like you, I'm glad you're a Giant (because the alternative...wow), but if you ever do that again I'm going to write a post called  "why we need Miguel Tejada" and you will be ashamed.  And Dan Runzler...sorry, but you need to go back to the minors. 

It's Eric Surkamp time.