The Giants hit four homeruns today.

Let me say that again. 

The Giants hit four homeruns today.  They even hit one with somebody on base.

And the save went to Santiago Casilla....no, wait.  Jeremy Affeldt.  Hold on.  Ramon Ramirez.  I think.

Baseball is confusing.

Here is the lineup I hope Bruce Bochy throws out there against Atlanta tomorrow:

1. Cody Ross CF

2. Jeff Keppinger 2B

3. Carlos Beltran RF

4. Pablo Sandoval 3B

5. Brandon Belt 1B

6. Nate Schierholtz LF

7. Somebody who can play SS

8. Somebody who can catch

9. A pitcher.

Here's the lineup all Giants fans are bracing themselves for so they can then yell "damn it Bochy!  I hate you so much oh wait you won our first ever world series and benched Zito in the playoffs that was gutsy you're awesome you big headed doofus" (see earlier comment about baseball being confusing).


1. Aaron Rowand CF

2. Jeff Keppinger 2B

3. Pablo Sandoval 3B

4. Aubrey Huff 1B

5. Orlando Cabrera SS

6. Nate Schierholtz RF

7. Cody Ross LF

8. Somebody who is not Buster Posey C

9. Oh no!  Madbum is hurt!  Zito has been called up!


This was a good series to win.  It was a road series, and it was the last time we will be on the road playing somebody hard while the Diamondbacks play somebody crappy at home.  This week, while we sweat it out in Atlanta, they will be sweating it out in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and then Washington.  After Atlanta, we play the worst team in baseball history and then come home.  By then, maybe Beltran will be healthy again.  Maybe Romo and Wilson will be healthy again.  Maybe Buster Posey will throw off his cast like he did in my dream the other night.  I mean, do you really need TWO ankles to hit?  Sheesh.

Oh look!  Homerun for some Met!  Alright!

I know I said earlier I refused to scoreboard watch the Diamondbacks and obviously I'm violating that policy pretty badly right now.  But you have to understand...I have Extra Innings, which means I have to listen to the Diamondback announcers.  And they are....what's the phrase I'm looking for....oh yeah, "annoying as shit."

So the other night, when the Dbags won, and their announcers said "and now we're TWO games ahead of the Giants, the World Champion Giants, and we're two games ahead!" in the kind of voice you use to describe your 5 year old winning a Spongebob drawing contest, it became personal.  I want to beat these guys.

Oh, and then I was driving along, feeling depressed because we hadn't beaten Florida twice yet, and suddenly "Don't Stop Believing" came on the radio.  I couldn't believe how quickly it fired me up.

So here's my gift to you, for the stretch run.  Get fired up.  The 2:11 mark is breathtaking.

We're still world champions until somebody takes it from us, or until all of our players end up injured at once, whichever comes last.