As the official home of the Eric Surkamp fan club, we are excited to be the first to break this story, at least that we're aware of...

I have just learned from an unnamed source that Eric Surkamp will be the Giants' starting pitcher Saturday night.  Aside from how cool it is to use the phrase "unnamed source," this is obviously wonderful news, and not just because the prospect of watching Dan Runzler start another game makes me want to lie down in a dark room for an hour or two.

In confirmation of this, the Giants' AA affiliate in Richmond has not named a starter for tonight's game in Akron despite the fact that it was Eric's regular turn in the rotation.

Now would be a good time to join the Eric Surkamp fan club.  There will be a definite distinction between those who join before he throws a perfect game on Saturday in his major league debut and those who join after.  The after group will be the ones who didn't watch the Giants play in 1996 or 2007 but now walk around wearing fake beards. 

The bad news:  Eric Surkamp apparently cannot play shortstop or catcher and does not figure to hit for power.