I gotta admit, 9-6 sounds a lot better than 8-7.  That's what I told myself after yesterday's loss, and then spent 30 minutes convincing myself that this was just a figment of my imagination and that really it's just one game and "sounds better" is the kind of stupid thing that somebody who thinks RBI's are important would say.  But then I went through each series and analyzed what I thought the Giants should have done and what they did do and I came to an unfortunately conclusion: 9-6 actually IS where we want to be at this point, and thus we're one game behind where we want to be.

All this analyzing took place while celebrating my anniversary with my wife, which would explain the blank stare I gave the waiter when he asked if I wanted black pepper on my salad.  I was crunching numbers.  Being a husband, a dad, and a Giants fan all at once is hard enough...now I have to be a restaurant patron, too?  I'm ready for a nap.

Expectation vs. Reality
@Dodgers (2-2) vs. (1-3)
@Padres (1-1) vs. (1-1)
vsCardinals (2-1) vs. (2-1)
vsDodgers (2-1) vs. (2-1)
@Dbacks (2-1) vs. (2-1)
TOTAL (9-6) vs (8-7)

We have to make up the extra Dodger loss.  Maybe by winning a series in Denver.  Maybe by winning FOUR games out of 3 when we play the Pirates.  Maybe by following the advice of McCovey Chronicles and putting all our baseball in a vat of seal urine so they, um, do something we like.  Maybe injecting Mark DeRosa with whatever Manny Ramirez was taking, and if he gets caught, well, so be it, he's served his purpose.

Barry Zito - 15 Day DL
Slipped on a pile of cash while walking to the safe in his room to deposit some cash
Expected return: A few weeks.
Impact:  Ryan Vogelsong is no Barry Zito, but why not see what he can do?  This can't cost us more than one game, max.  Right?

Andres Torres - 15 Day DL
Was running to help a busload of nuns avoid a fiery collision with a diesel tanker.  Was successful, but hurt foot.
Expected Return: April 26
Impact:  Well, um, normally, this would be a big loss, but Aaron Rowand is getting all of his 2011 hits this month, so it actually works out well.

Santiago Casilla - 15 Day DL
Threw the ball too hard.  Hurt arm.
Expected Return: Any day now...
Impact:  Not good.  Too much Jeremy Afefldt and Dan Runzler, not enough Santiago Casilla.  We miss him more than I expected, honestly.

Cody Ross - 15 Day DL
Roy Halladay, in the conservatory, with the lead pipe
Expected Return: This weekend
Impact.:  No.  More.  Aubrey.  Huff.  In.  Right.  Field.  Thank.  God.

The question of who to send down when Ross comes back is now temporarily delayed by Torres going down.  Darren Ford will go down when Ross comes up.  When Torres comes up, the options then shift to Brandon Belt or Nate Schierholtz.  More on that in later posts.

So, where are we today?  Houston?  Kansas City?
What's that?  I didn't hear you.  Speak up.
Oh #$$@